Daily Sketches

Daily Sketches #1- A Skill Worth Fighting For

Drawing everyday is quite the challenge. The one thing that keeps me from drawing is just sitting and waiting for something fantastic is going to happen.  Well, it doesn’t help to sit and wait for things to happen, unless you like being a corkscrew in the water, drifting to wherever the current takes you. Of course I learned this the hard way. I couldn’t stop day-dreaming on how I’d like to create comics.

I found that if I can at least begin by taking action, and feel the tremendous amount of relief that comes with doing something I love then it is something worth living for, and maybe someday I can make income off it, but money should really be a last outlet for any thing you enjoy in life. I guess that if you can become great at drawing and find resources for creating not only for pleasure but for income then it is something worth practicing EVERYDAY.

You have to begin to draw if you want to create things worth the agony of beginning.

Here is a page of some simple & rough sketches I did today.



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