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The Peculiarity of Dreams

This was posted on my other blog quite sometime ago, but I thought I’d combine my old blog posts to this one.

The Peculiarity of Dreams 

It is quite a intriguing fact that every human when they close their eyes at night drift off into a stage of sleep where dreams start to unfold. Not everyone remembers their dreams but everyone does have dreams.

I often remember my dreams at night and find it absolutely one of the most interesting things in my life. My dreams help me understand how I feel about the world, my own personal life, and sometimes just leave me puzzled and bewildered about the nature of the dream itself.

There are times where I take the time and record my night time adventures so that I can remember the detail vividly by being as descriptive as possible while recording them. To record my dreams I usually have to think about the detail that I remember in my mind’s eye after the fact that I had awoken into the day. There have been times where I wake up in the morning and do not remember the dream that I had at all, but later in the day usually right before bed If I take the time to think about dreams in general I can spontaneously remember the dream in a burst of memory recall. It is quite interesting that this happens in my mind.

I did have a dream last night that I would like to share in detail to give an idea of how interesting and surreal dreams can be.

It started out where I was with family in several situations that were not clear. It was as though my mind could not make sense of things at this phase in the dream so I just went along with the images that my subconscious made up.

A lot of the images were vague and I had an idea that I was with family or friends at public gatherings. 

The dream became more vivid as I drifted into sleep. I was sitting next to one of my relatives in what seemed to be a school auditorium where students were performing, kind of like a talent show. Then my aunt then said something like “Look at my son!” I was a little confused because we were at a school audition performance or something very similar to it and I couldn’t feel her excitement that her son was on stage. I instead felt very neutral about being there in the first place. After sitting for awhile and being a bit disappointed that I felt I had to stay there just to see every single audition I then randomly got up and when I did I seemed to float above the entire room and then glide outside the building. I met up with a couple of my cousins who told me “They were bored too”. I remember saying to them something like “I was that transparent, huh?” and they just laughed as we glided down this sidewalk away from the school grounds where the auditorium stood. As we glided down this sidewalk I became grounded and then it seemed like I was rollerblading so fast that my cousins and I sped up past several parking spots and building lots within milliseconds. I came to a halt when I encountered a crosswalk. I realized to myself that even though I stopped moving with momentum to where scenery passed me I still felt like I was floating or levitating.

One of my cousins asked me where I wanted to go and I mentioned this place that I had seen but it was very vague how I mentioned this place, almost like I didn’t have a clue where it actually was or what I was talking about in the first place. We then were not gliding or walking anymore. I came to a complete halt and noticed that there was this place that sort of reminded me of a zoo. Curiosity drove me into this place and that is when the dream took a dark turn.

The second segment of the dream deserves a separate paragraph mostly due to the part that it took so long for my dreams to unfold to this part that it was very similar to how a fictional book such as the Harry Potter book series are divided into large chapters .

As I realized that this place I encountered was not a zoo I wanted to investigate. I had one dream character with me that was disguised as one of my cousins. My cousin and I were discussing how peculiar this place was as we were lured in. There was this bridge or dock that lead to a boat when we walked passed the zoo entrance. The boat didn’t seem very stable and as I got into the boat it tilted to the side and I looked around realizing the boat seemed like an amusement ride. It mostly seemed to be a ‘ride’ because as I looked around me we were in what seemed to be a giant tank with higher ramps that people were walking on to get to this second entrance to whatever this place was. The boat seemed to drift about two feet and then I got off the boat by grabbing onto these to leverages that were on the boats to get out. The boat was so much lower than everything else and I had difficulty trying to get out of the boat. I finally made it up onto this platform along with my cousin and these people were handing out food in quantities for us to eat. The told us to take two parts of this food that reminded me of a cinnamon churro. These people that were giving us these food items were looking at us in such a way to make me think about what was really going on in the dream.

The more I focused in on the people I realized they looked scared about something and also realized they weren’t wearing everyday clothing but rather clothing that reminded me of work laborers in a earlier time era. As I realized this I fell down what seemed to be a ramp along with my cousin. I took a good look around at the new level I was standing and became very frightened. There were people walking about in rags. They looked like they had been worked to the bone. Even though I had clearly remembered there being a boat and water, It was hot and dry all of the sudden. I looked ahead of me and there was large fences around every direction that I looked and giant industrial power plants emitting smoke. I became very panicked and sensed foul play. My cousin who was standing at a distance waved at me to come towards her and then ran in opposite direction of where I was facing. She found a way out. It happened that this place that reminded me of a work camp had several garage cans and a large dumpster aligned near the top of a gate just high enough so we could climb out and jump over the gate. I remember climbing up the can when two people came running towards my cousin and I. She had almost made it out but I couldn’t muster up the strength to climb all of the sudden.

It reminded me of those dreams where I try to run but I can’t. As I tried to climb up these large garbage cans I noticed that there were people that looked like my relatives standing outside of the gate waiting for us. Just standing there waiting like we were over-reacting about the whole situation and at that moment I woke up.

Dreams can be very strange. This one was a strange one and vivid too. When I have dreams that I can remember in clear detail they remind me of theatrical action movies that take place in my mind. They can be quite intriguing and very colorfully painted or dull and dark.

Taking a moment to think about dreams might seem irrelevant to waking reality as dreams are just dreams after all and not a real life, but after taking a closer analytic approach to what they may mean at a deeper more personal level, they actually start making sense and that is truly a mysterious twist to the nature of dreams.


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