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Row of Heads & Dream Blockage

I found myself in a drawing blockage. The kind of blockage that people get when they just don’t want to draw because they knew to get better its going to take a special kind of ‘focus’ and ‘intention’.

I find that if I am not motivated to draw for more than 10 minutes to stop drawing and try again later instead of forcing myself to draw when there is other mental blockages that I might have to take care of.

One of the things that I found that has been frustrating me is the facr that my night dreams haven’t been very vivid. They usually are very vivid and interactive, but lately they have been bland and boring. Sitting on trains, getting lost, floating in a realm of boringness, those of been the themes of my dreams.

I guess that my dream recall has been a lot better though due to the part that I am working on lucid dream. I have a long ways to go…

I figured that there must be some subconcious level of blockage about my daily life that needs change.

I’ve also have had to deal with some very tragic things that have unfolded in my life that have left me lost and confused. I’m still trying to resolve how to live my life after much havoc.

My best advice to anoyone who struggles to keep going is to do just that, keep going, don’t look back, and find ways to improve your life everyday like eat healthier, go to bed at a good time, find time to relax & definately don’t overdue it. I am a huge believer on taking it easy. When you are truly ready to take on something you will feel it in your heart. You wil will peaceful and ready for action.

Now, here are eight out of twenty head sketches. I still need to draw the rest on the page which is why this is down to only eight. IMG_20161114_0001_NEW.jpg



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