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The Gift of the Universe- Version 1.0

This is an outdated version on how to use the power within yourself to manifest your very own reality. If you are still interested in reading there might be some things within this article that you find useful, but I will be writing a newer version on how to use the power of prayer to manifest reality in goodness.

The Gift of the Universe- Version 1.0


As a child I would sit cross-legged in a small patch of dandelions focusing my intent of something I really wanted to have in my life. Of course I never really thought about how a simple wish of fulfillment had a certain way of manifesting, depending on what I wanted to put in for that wish or desire. I sat in the field blew out the dandelion wishing that I would receive a Gameboy advanced handheld gaming device that Christmas. I asked around briefly to grandparents and relatives, putting out a sly invitation that maybe they would buy it for me.
Christmas was just around the corner and I had not had anything about the Gameboy in anyone of my relatives conversations despite me thinking about this silly little device for months.
I was about to give up my hopes and dreams of getting something I desired strongly and just before I gave up completely after opening up all my gifts my grandparents said “That is not all the gifts, is it?” Then my grandpa handed me over a small square box while i looked around the room surprised and opened the gift wrapped box with printed reindeer wrapping paper. There it was. The one thing I just couldn’t keep my mind off of, the gaming device.
People might think of a story like this to be pointless or rather upsetting due to the fact that it ended expectedly, the way I had been wishing for, but this is exactly the point. I had asked, wished, waited with true intent that I really wanted to have this toy, then the universe gifted it to me.
I am here to write and share the simple techniques I have learned and have worked. You too can manifest and harness the same exact energy.
With true intention, that means you must have the right kind of energy charge to have something be manifested into your life, you can manifest anything you desire.

Thinking Ahead

It is because we may desire something fully but are unaware of the vibrational effect of the thought in which we desire, that beginning to recognize our thought patterns is the very first step we should take to understand and develop are wish list to the universe.
We live in a very busy world where many people may think they have to many distractions to work on their thought process to help progress their manifestations. It might be true that people may think they do not have enough time throughout the day to make progress to what they desire in their lives, but time is not of the essence in this matter.
To begin working on thought pattern recognition, there are simple steps that you can take throughout the day to collaborate with the universe on your desire.
Start each day with a positive thought, an affirmation. You want to begin each day with an postive affirmation. If you can make habit of thinking positively with an affirmation then you are already on your way to manifesting your desires. It might be a bit tedious at first because of the nature that it might seem like a nuance to wake up and be mindful of your affirmation, but in the long run the purpose is to set start each day with positive integrity, and stick with it. Don’t give up on positivity the morning you make your affirmation, you want to stay positive throughout the day. The universe will never give up on you and as long as you put in your affirmations you are off to a good start.
Positive Affirmation List
You may have trouble coming up with some affirmations, so below I have listed 10 positive affirmations that you can use at will.
1. I believe in my ability to ________ therefore I believe in myself.
2. I believe that creating my own reality through positive intent will bring much positivity in my life
3. I can create positivity in my life because It is in my will to be happy.
4. I believe that I have the will to create and manifest positive experiences in my life.
5. I have the ability to manifest my desires into my life by being happy and grateful.
6. I am grateful for _______ and that makes me happy and earnest to have more experiences that create more gratitude in my life.
7. It is in my will to be in abundance therefore I can manifest positive like things in my life.
8. I am the only one in charge of how I feel and I choose to feel happy and be positive.
9. I am the only one in charge of my mindset so I choose to be mindful of my thoughts.
10. I am mindfully choosing to be in abundance today by choosing happiness.
Once you get the hang of affirming each day your intentions towards your journey to manifesting your desires you will start to be mindful of your thought patterns and that changes the way you look at the light of things.
Eventually, it will be second nature to turn of the things that make you think negative things such as the news, articles that forewarn of negative events and things in the realm of negativity. You want to try to stay away from things or people that make you angry or full of resentment. It is not good to hold anger as it is a negatively charged emotion. You must feel good and be good to feel happier and choose things in the realm of positive like things in the nature of goodness.

Visualizing your Intentions
To want something, you have to want it through not only your thoughts but through feeling. With that being said you must feel your desire through your gut to guide the manifestation process.
Let’s say you want a fiery red convertible from a specific manufacturer but you only want it to show off and make other people feel bad about what they drive. This is an example of what you don’t want to imagine or visualize during your journey towards manifestation. It gives off a energy charge that may be nuetral at first but because the visualization in your mind can create feelings of resentment or anger in other people it isn’t of true intent.
The ultimate goal in visualization is to feel the vibrational pulse of what it feels like to drive that dream care, or what it feels like to have the house of your dreams. You want to imagine yourself gripping the steering wheel, the feel of the steering under your finger tips, the excitement and appreciation of being there in the moment you actually received your desire. You want to be there in your visualization like it is come into fruition.
The technique to visualize something that feels as amazing as the actually thing takes a quiet space without any disruptions and about 15-minutes or so of spare time. Find a comfortable chair or sit in a comfortable position. Find the space in your mind that is the quietest. If there are sounds disrupting you that are out of your control try to integrate these into your visualizations if they aren’t too disruptive or brash. Then after you find the quietness within you want to focus on the feeling that comes with your intention to have what you desire. Don’t worry so much about what you see when close your eyes , it will come to you. A good way to focus on feeling is to sense what it was like to be excited from your own memory, focus on that feeling, and place it with your desire. An example of this is going to the movie theatre of our minds. Sit down smell the popcorn, remember what it tastes and smells like. Feel the intensity of your favorite movie unfolding before your eyes. Being excited and stimulated about something puts you in a place of true intention. It works just like genuine interest does, if your really want something you will feel excitement for it.


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