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Would you like some wine with that?

Random Ramble of the day:

Days seemed like years, sulking and waiting for attention like a crying child. Expecting people to care and running away from the face of reality. I started to loose hope in facing the truth in those I sought out to be close, family. The laughter, joy, and presence of warmth and love all seemed like a faded out dream, a distant memory.

In the light of things-

Remember those who wrote to find their passion and then remember just that. Write for passion and you will find the very fruit of the fruition in which you dream of…

Drama Que-

Gossip is like having some wine. You may find the enjoyment of its crisp flavor as you swiftly taste the delicate fermented grapes on your lips. You begin to favor those in conversation, but later you end up loosing the savor of the flavor and a peace of mind, You later regret that ‘some wine’ was a whole bottle. Take a step back and enjoy the conversation of life, but don’t stir unsettling emotions that only strive for anger and resentment. Life is too short to not have enough wine with all the gossip.


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