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From Earth To Heaven

On the day of October 16th, 2002, my uncle passed away suddenly at the age of 19. It was the following days that reminded me that his life wasn’t completely lost. We laughed, we cried, we dance and we sang because his life was truly that important to give us all the things that make us human.

Everyone drove out from their homes to meet up at one house to celebrate the life of my uncle. It was quite a weird experience with a side of laughter and joy.

The days leading up to his funeral are days I can never forget, days the I reminisce when I feel like life isn’t worth the pain or misery. It was a time to thrive in the madness of being human for another day. It was another day to celebrate the life of someone who passed away.

I couldn’t find a moment to feel happy at times. I felt a deep sadness different from the ones I have felt as a small child. This wasn’t crying over being told that I couldn’t have something that I wanted, this was different, this was for the loss of a loved one.

All of the feelings of despair vanished and we had a party where we danced and sang to our favorite tunes. I felt happy again because it would be exactly what my uncle would want us to be, happy. I’m glad that the crazy people I can call my family could find such a time to be happy.

I have a lot more I could say about losing a loved one, some that even deal with psychic experiences of hearing their voices or a phenomenon of being in-tune to the expansive universe around us.

From time to time I think “There must be so much more happening in the universe around use than we can retain.” and it’s true. There is so much out there.

I also lost someone else in 2016, the person closest to me in relation. I have to let it sink in for awhile longer before I begin to write about her.

Thinking of you wherever you are, in peace & happiness. Let your soul rest from the hurt and pain that the world presents to its people. I know you two are in a better place now and I hope to see you when I die. Until then, I still have a lot of doors of opportunity to open, many things to see, places to go, things to experience. Live long and prosper. 1349486664139.cached.jpg


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