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Monsters of The Thought Process

So today I decided to draw some monsters. I then started to think about the thoughts in which I can call ‘thought monsters’  and how they have given me much doubt in the past. Doubt is a terrible thing, especially when it comes in the form of a thought.IMG_20170216_0002_NEW.jpgimg_20170216_0001_new

This is what a Thought Monster is:

-What if I don’t excel at being an artist?

Execute that thought monster with with-

-What can I do to excel at being an artist?

The change of thought helps the individual process what it is that they need to do instead of giving up completely. Sometimes that just means drawing or brainstorming, but consistency is the key here, you can’t become an accomplished artist overnight, in fact that goes with any success in life.

Here are just a few things that have helped me the past week into going back into becoming an artist blogger

-Going for a wilderness walk (taking a breath a fresh air always helps jog my inspiration)

-Go to the library and check out books (they don’t have to be drawing books just anything inspiring) Also it helps to take time into searching for books. When I rush I usually end up with boring books.

-Watch inspiring videos on YouTube

-Watch something that makes you feel emotion, being in-touch with your emotions as an artist helps artistic expression in characters and any type of art.

-If you are feeling lazy the best thing is to just start drawing something, just like with writing, you may have to write/draw a lot of garbage before you get to the good stuff.

There are a lot of tips out there that help, these are just a few. I hope they help those of you who want to be inspired to create.

Another thing about thought monsters is when they kill the future with thoughts that make it seem like I have to stay miserable, or just stay with what people expect from me. Its tough, but if you want to do something in life, don’t hesitate, take action. You won’t regret it, of course if its something you are doing for the wrong purpose. For instance, only wanting to play video games because you can stream them and people can throw money to you through donations on paypal, I mean if you can excel at just that and enjoy doing that go for it, but it is something I did for awhile and nothing happened, I wasn’t inspired to play video games, but video games have inspired me to be creative. I just don’t need to play them to begin creating anymore. So video games are definitely a learning tool for me as they have taught me the creative process by becoming engaged with characters and story dialogues. Now it is time for me to create my own story, through art, inspiration, and passion.

So here is to you monster of thoughts, be gone or be apart of my story. Its like what they say about authors, ‘You never know if you are going to be in their story’. With that being stated, I cordially invite you to impress my stories your character but do not take away from my future of becoming my best version.


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