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The Infinite Waters of Life, Dive Deep.

About a year ago I was searching for myself in life. I took a dark path where I was numb. Life just wasn’t that exciting and I wanted to know why. That path consisted of me streaming on twitch.tv for awhile, playing video games, and spending my money on equipment that didn’t make me happy in the end. It was a waste. Now I realize that my true passion lies in using creative mediums such as drawing & writing.

I have to thank Ralph for that, he is a video vlogger that speaks of spiritual existence, how to live a happy fulfilling life by eating healthier & opening up your third eye. Here is his channel: Infinite waters, dive deep There are other subjects he speaks about too, I find his videos very inspiring and now I am making the choice to turn my life around for the better. At first I found his videos annoyed me, I wasn’t ready to give up the ghost of my past. No more video games, no more endless bantering at the screen. Time for creativity because now is the time.

This is also why I have been absent from this blog, I was finding myself. Next month I plan on getting a domain for this blog. I also plan on posting numerous posts throughout the day for as long as I find this to be my purpose in life, hopefully for as long as I live. I love expression and that means I need a medium to do just that. I will myself to draw & write more, because that is what makes me happiest.

Short blog, but behind it is a purpose and a driven passion to be creative and hopefully inspire people to be inspired themselves and find their purpose in life.

Thanks Ralph, Thank You Universe, and Thank you everyone that reads my blogs, you make all the difference! Live & Love. Namaste.



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