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Drawing Correlation

So this drawing was drawn in the reverse of what is shown below, and to me it looks better in the reverse f the way its drawn.

Right-side of brain
Left-side of brain (the way it was drawn)

this made me wonder if there is some correlation between drawing with my left-hand and using the left-side of my brain as I was in fact using the logical more analytical part of my brain to observe and draw the image. I also wondered that it may have been the fact that I was using judgement earlier before I had drawn the image to voice my opinion on LGBT rights, which is everyone is born equal so please allow us our marriage.

I think a lot of what we do before we exercise our brains in artistic attributes is significant to how we perform.

If this is a fact, then I am going to draw doing more creative things before I start drawing next time. Creative visualization, reading books on artists, poetry, nothing too analytical but things that will expand my horizon and the creative arts.


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