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Drawing Chibi Children

I have an idea about drawing a comic much like the sunday comics that centers around a little girl and her daily activities. One thing is certain, she loves to draw. I decided to do some simple of sketches of what she might look like. I ended up with several different appearances in chibi form. I think I will just pick one, but the first and list are my favorite.
Also, when I am drawing and inking sometimes its just for an idea of how to shape the character, so these are very rough sketches inked. Typically when inking takes  more time but when getting an idea out on paper I like to form the idea through loose sketching and them ink them to get a bold idea of how to recreate the character later.
Anyways, lots of practice needs to be done & I plan on doing just that.
Now, keep in mind I do not own a tablet so I draw everything from pencil and then layout the pencil with pen. One of these days I will own a tablet…
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