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Drawing Frustrations, The Girl With The Moustache & A much needed glass of wine

I wasn’t feeling myself today, I tried drawing but everything I drew looked terrible. Eventually I decided to just pick up the pencil and draw something regardless of the way it turned out.

Early today I found myself musing about why I couldn’t draw people, and it’s just today. I can typically draw comic people pretty well but I just couldn’t feel the flow, but I think I figured out what has been keeping my from my creative flow, and its actually quite a simple revelation.

I haven’t taken time to really draw animal. After sitting down finishing this drawing in which I just turned into a muse about my life, I figured that tomorrow I am going to change things up.

It’s about time I expanded my horizon on what I draw. The plan is to take some time to draw ocean life, then maybe move on to some architect.

I also had this idea that there a creative flow that comes with drawing objects and life. I haven’t taken time to really like inward on life and how expansive it is on planet earth.

Its about time I drew the life under-the-sea. Besides, I was fascinated as a child with the deep blue. I guess over the years I just forgot how intriguing the ocean really is.

Ok, here is this abomination of a picture I drew with a muse to go with it. I hope I can tap into my creativity tomorrow as it is getting late at the time of writing this and I don’t have much patience left with trying to draw anything else.


Trying to fit in without face of a glimmering pearl

Above the glistening of my lips a slight shimmer

Appealing to a small crowd but the mass looks in disapproval

They don’t give insight to my look of a gorilla

It is I

and I was born with a moustache

There is truth behind this muse. I also drew a picture of myself with a moustache as that is sometimes what I have to deal with, but I was born with this lovely dab of hair above my lip.

I wondered it from time to time in Juniour if I was fortunate enough to have the genes of a gorilla. I even dug up some of my old baby pictures and behold, there I was in my mother’s arms. I was a newborn baby laying on the hospital bed with a thick line above my red glistening lips. So from this day on, when people look at my upper lip I just smile because baby I was born this way.

I hope someone laughed while reading this and yes, it’s true. I’m a girl that has to wax her upper lip every other week because of my holy moustache.


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