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Sea Turtle & Drawing Variety

So, I think I was right. Yesterday I wrote a blog about how I couldn’t really draw people and it was just that day I couldn’t seem to draw people very well, actually I couldn’t draw them at all. Then I realized that maybe it was because I needed to draw variety, not just people, but trees, other life, objects. I then realized I haven’t taken much time to draw ocean life, so for the rest of the weekend I am going to draw ocean life.  I also think it is because I haven’t found my style yet.

The funny thing is before I graduated from High School, I had a style, but over-time I lost it because I lost my passion to draw for quite a few years.

My dream is to become a comic artist and draw webcomics for a living, but I have been trying to draw from real life, drawing to see things differently that what I am used to. It might be awhile before I improve, but I do plan on drawing daily as much as I can.

My sea turtle drawing



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