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Patience & Diligence

Taking time to draw something does make a huge difference then rushing through the whole process. Someone might say “well, no shit” but its harder than it sounds. Patience is something I lack and only if I had a little more of it…

The thing is, If I take each day to dedicate to one drawing that I have to dedicate time to instead of rushing the process of line work, shading, and layers of shading, then I think I will eventually have enough patience to do the work I want, but right now I am just drawing what I see and it is quite a tedious task. The key is patience & diligence. Oh, and lots and lots of hard work if you really want to become a professional artist of any sort, but no sweat. I really want to live well off of being an artist really badly. I guess If I want it enough we will see where I am in a year or two. Of course, this is with drawing every day!


The key is patience & diligence.jpg


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