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Lack of Patience

I noticed with each drawing I do comes a test of patience. How long do I have to spend drawing this hair? What will it take to make this look more like the person I am drawing? There are a lot of other things that pace through my mind such as, “Can I make a living of just making portraits?” It is a good question to ask but there are many questions that come with what a living will look like. Do I want to eat ramen or good food worth money? Do I want a crappy studio apartment in ghetto avenue or do I eventually want to rent a nice townhome or apartment in a nicer area? I guess a lot of this come with the patience to test my strengths within the boundaries of my skills at the moment

I guess that is why I live moment by moment and not day by day, I am still debating on whether I want to stick with portraits and get better at drawing portraits or try to make comics, but I guess since I’ve been always going back to portrait drawings that would be a good suggestion that maybe that is what I should stick with. It does take a crap ton of patience that I need to work on everyday to get better. With time I hope to reach a level where my art can be sold to people and today wouldn’t be a bad day to start my venture into the artistic world of drawing portraits. IMG_20170226_0001_NEW.jpg


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