daily blog · Portrait Drawings

Process Of Elimination

In this next portrait I drew, I found myself thinking of the things I could improve while in the process of producing a drawing. Some of the few things I found that I could improve on are these listed below.-Hair quality, practicing techniques to get the hair shadows and values to a visible and at least semi-realistic  quality.

-Shadowing and shading details that make up the light source of the drawing

-Skin complexion, this is a difficult one as it takes a lot of observing the photo being drawn to get down details that make up shadows or complexions of the person

I thought about more things I could work on including;

-Time management, taking more time to draw certain details to obtain more realism

-Patience, I tend to rush the process too much. I need to practice observing and correlations to what is being seen that can be drawn.

I think that is about it, with time & practice I think I will get better.




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