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A Dedication to LittlexLoves

I remember getting my first reborn doll in the mail on my 12th birthday. I asked my mother and step dad about getting one numerous times. I thought about how real they looked, they looked like real babies to me. It is funny to me now that I thought that. I’m used to seeing them now so I can definitely tell that they aren’t real babies, but at 12 years old it really looked like a real baby to me.

I remember the day of my 12th birthday. I was very timid about going home that day. I even forgot that I had a doll waiting for me. The second I got home everyone gathered around to watch me open my special gift. I opened the box and my grandmother screamed. She looked frightened because to her it looked like a baby in a box. I reassured her “It’s just a doll.” She still looked totally spooked out.

I felt uncomfortable taking my baby doll out because people would just stare at her trying to figure out if it was a real baby.

To this day, that moment actually makes me laugh, because it was a berenguer baby doll that was reborned with a cloth body. For those of you that don’t know the difference between a reborn doll and a berenguer doll, the difference is this:

Berenguer: Looks more like a doll, manufactured
Reborn: Painted individually by artists and made to look more like a real baby

My reborn berenguer was a little more realistic than the first one but at the time nobody had really seen a reborn so it looked real to them.

I’ve enjoyed these dolls although I no longer collect the dolls or plan on getting any in the future, I think that personally I’ve outgrown them. I think that it is different for everyone that likes these dolls though. Some people collect them, some people have them to comfort their desire to have children, they can even be used for therapy for people that have alzheimer’s. I think they’re great and it is because the reborn community can be so nasty that I removed myself from doll collecting, making videos, and telling the world about these reborn dolls (well maybe not completely because of this post).  People can be so close-minded about them and I just don’t get why that they have to be disturbed by it, they are not real. When people decide to have dolls instead of real children have their reasons for having a doll and not a child, besides how could one just judge what is going on in that other person’s life to say “why, don’t you just have a real child.” excuse me, but real children are expensive.

Hospital bills, collick, diapers, daycare (unless you are fortunate enough to be able to stay home with your children) and not to mention they are human, real humans that grow learn and discover the world through their set of eyes and much more than that. So before anyone judges a person with these dolls think about how difficult it is or if you don’t have children how much responsibility that comes with children. I mean personally to me, I just wish people didn’t have to be so nasty within the community of reborns, but whatever. I am happy regardless, even if I just had a doll baby.

To those who collect dolls or just like them,

Don’t worry about it, the people who are mean to you in person or online are probably just jealous that you can settle for less. I mean I’m still young and may or may not want to have a child, but that is no one’s business really. Just be you.

May your love with dolls be forever, even if the haters judge you, may you rest forever in heaven, Laura, LittlexLoves.

Here is a collective drawing I did of Laura and her doll Prim Rose.



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