Dreams · vlog

The Peculiarity of Dreams

It has been a while since I have had a thought provoking dream. Excluding last night where I was driving in my mom’s car with My Uncle when I noticed the route we were taking was near an ocean shore, the shore water would clash up against the car as we made our way to safety, but I was told that driving along this pathway where the car was normal in the dream. That the pathway we took along the shore was a way to go take direction anywhere you wanted to go in life. I wondered if this was a dream sign that although my life at this time may seem not to have much of a path that there is one, even if it is risky or dangerous or just plain boring. In the dream when we made it to another pathway I realized the shore water was flooding everywhere but the cars seemed to go the direction they were intended to go regardless of the way the waves tried to carry them. Interesting.

I also did a video vlog today, it is me playing some overwatch and talking about a dream I had that took a dark turn…I had it awhile ago but I thought I would share it in the form of a video vlog.


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