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It Has Been Awhile…Twitch.tv & Youtube Content

Indeed it has been a while. I have been focusing on creating content for a site called twitch.tv but haven’t been that successful doing so. The creative section on twitch is specifically for those who have artistic talent but it is a rather small portion to the whole of twitch. I decided that because the main focus of this site was on video games that I find other avenues for my creative content. It took me awhile to decide, but there are reasons why I decided to make a move to Youtube while posting on Instagram, Twitter, and my blog to grow a community.

Twitch.tv mostly leans towards big-name gaming companies that can sponsor professional gamers both entertaining and pro-sport content produces. Although it is possible to grow through their creative channel, it was quite a small audience of people that are interested in seeing creativity rather than gameplay. The reasons for this are because twitch.tv is heavily orientated for game content it is hard to make it their on twitch.tv by using only their creative content channel. You kinda have to play video games too…and I was against that

I’ll tell you why; lately I’ve been debating whether playing video games is an enjoyable thing for me or just getting in the way of me enjoying life’s creativity, abundance, and joy.

I’ve noticed a huge change in the way I felt about life once I put the gaming controller down and started to go on more walks through the mountains, walking to the library, reading, and educating myself with my own free-will.

Video games I once enjoyed, but now everytime I sit down and try to play the latest and greatest my mind starts boggling about all the other missed opportunities in life that don’t require consumerism and rather producing content, creating, life as an artistic expression rather than a mediocre impulse to play video games.

I’m ready to move on.

So I decided to harness the content freedom of Youtube to produce content by vlogging my journeys and drawing process. I am also using other social media sites to grow. It will take awhile but my goals are achieved in the long run then it was worth the wait, the effort, and hard work.

Here is my youtube channel if any of you are interested. Not much up right now. I plan on posting more drawing videos and vlogs, in fact as of today I am going to post one video and blog a day. My Youtube Channel

As of late, I have a few drawings to share. ~ENJOY

Bruce Lee



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