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Sea Turtle & Drawing Variety

So, I think I was right. Yesterday I wrote a blog about how I couldn’t really draw people and it was just that day I couldn’t seem to draw people very well, actually I couldn’t draw them at all. Then I realized that maybe it was because I needed to draw variety, not just people,… Continue reading Sea Turtle & Drawing Variety


The Journey To Becoming an Comic Artist

I’m sitting at my desk with a fiery┬ádrive┬áto become an aspiring artist. Over the years I’ve have forgotten how much I enjoy holding a pencil to paper and creating worlds of my own. I would cry about it hysterically in the dark of my room and only hope that things would get better in my… Continue reading The Journey To Becoming an Comic Artist

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The Infinite Waters of Life, Dive Deep.

About a year ago I was searching for myself in life. I took a dark path where I was numb. Life just wasn’t that exciting and I wanted to know why. That path consisted of me streaming on twitch.tv for awhile, playing video games, and spending my money on equipment that didn’t make me happy… Continue reading The Infinite Waters of Life, Dive Deep.