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It Has Been Awhile…Twitch.tv & Youtube Content

Indeed it has been a while. I have been focusing on creating content for a site called twitch.tv but haven’t been that successful doing so. The creative section on twitch is specifically for those who have artistic talent but it is a rather small portion to the whole of twitch. I decided that because the… Continue reading It Has Been Awhile…Twitch.tv & Youtube Content


The Journey To Becoming an Comic Artist

I’m sitting at my desk with a fiery drive to become an aspiring artist. Over the years I’ve have forgotten how much I enjoy holding a pencil to paper and creating worlds of my own. I would cry about it hysterically in the dark of my room and only hope that things would get better in my… Continue reading The Journey To Becoming an Comic Artist

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Monsters of The Thought Process

So today I decided to draw some monsters. I then started to think about the thoughts in which I can call ‘thought monsters’  and how they have given me much doubt in the past. Doubt is a terrible thing, especially when it comes in the form of a thought. This is what a Thought Monster… Continue reading Monsters of The Thought Process